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 for a company with the highest value on humanity

We don't see you as a resource and cash cow, we see you as a valuable Partner we want to grow with.

I want a dream job!

Our Customers that value melsicon

We believe that you can change society

Nowadays everything is about tech, we were blessed to choose the right profession. But many professionals are not aware of there real value and their role in society - they will be dictated by position and salary and so they loose there focus on what they wanted to do. 
melsicon is on your site to focus more on your inner values.


The "m" in melsicon stands for "Menschlichkeit" - humanity, which we believe in and think that our partners and employees play the most important role in our company. We want that you have a real Work-Life Balance and can take timeouts anytime you need to live your life. We value honesty and accept Strength and Weakness. 

Meaningful & Enjoyable work

Its very important for you and for us that we see a meaning on what we do. We don't want anybody to sit in a project just for the sake of money. We are open and support new Ideas or Startups with our know how. It plays also a very important role that we enjoy what we are doing. 


We have no fancy offices or luxury cars. Its important for us that we don't unnecessary burn money and use it to invest in us  and our employees.  So you will also get the opportunity to work from a Coworking Space or from home. We are also lean on communication. You can reach out to us via sms, WhatsApp or a short call. 

Our salary is fair and lean, so what you see is what you get - we don't play the bonus or position game.

@melsicon   I love my partners and our values. The core of melsicon is trust. I would be more than happy to work with more open minded people that i can relay on.

Makele Ghebreamlak

@melsicon   The best part of melsicon is that we are living a dream.  Lets live this dream together! 

Alexander Figul

Work on something meaningful in a great team and don't let them fool you with big titles or fancy buzzwords! 

human, high-quality software solutions

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JavaScript Developer/Consultant

I have an open minded personality and  passionate to develop state of the art web and mobile apps within an agile Team.

Java Developer/Consultant 

I have an open minded personality, ready to develop some high quality software with short time to market cycles.